New Spanish Cabinet Features More Women than Men

The formation of Spain’s new government saw the country reach its highest number of women holding cabinet positions. Pedro Sanchez became Spain’s new prime minister following a vote of “no confidence” against the former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who was in power since 2011. Sanchez, leader of the socialist PSOE party, is expected to extend welfare rights and open talks with Catalonia regarding a constitutional reform that would keep Catalonia in Spain.

However, the majority of attention is on the 11 newly elected women to Spain’s cabinet which is one of the largest proportions of women in government in the world (others include France, Sweden, and Canada). The high number of women in prominent positions is a reflection of the March 8 feminist march in which five million Spaniards took part. The protesters demanded for actions against wage inequality and gender violence. Sanchez is expected to call for fresh elections within the next two years.

Source: The Independent and BBC

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