Saudi Arabia and Russia Reignite Relations in the Middle East

Since the outbreak of the Iraq war in 2002, the United States has acted as the main policeman in the Middle East and throughout the globe. America’s eastern counterpart, Russia, has strove to combat American dominance through numerous actions, backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and tampering with America’s elections. More recently, Russia has attempted to reconnect with one of America’s strongest allies, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The powers have agreed to act bilaterally in Syria with an intended goal to ensure that “Syria is free from foreign troops,” stated Putin during a meeting with Assad in May. More cooperation between the nations include the construction of 16 Russian nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia, training Saudi Arabian officers in Russian military academies, and the establishment of a Trans-Arabian Railway. Russia is attempting to become the balancing broker in the Middle East by forming compromises with Israel and Saudi Arabia who, in return, will de-escalate their involvement in Syria and recognize the rule of President Assad. The tightening of relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia adds more complexity to an already convoluted region. Source: Eurasia Future

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