Silicon Valley Struggles to Meet Diversity Demands

Many companies in Silicon Valley have still failed to address the issue of diversity, which was first raised by civil rights leader Jesse Jackson in the early 2000’s. Most recently, an engineer from Google accidentally leaked a document outlining his belief that there are biological differences between men and women which accounts for the gender imbalance at Google and other tech companies.

Google’s workforce clearly prefers to hire white and Asian men over women and other racial minorities, with only 20% of employees being female. Uber has also been at the forefront of gender imbalance among staffers with many top tier executives forced out of the company due to complaints of systematic sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Silicon Valley Diversity.png
Diversity levels among Silicon Valley companies Source: Politic365.

Earlier this month, it was found that venture capitalists at Uber abused their position to prey on female startup entrepreneurs. A community that is led by males and dominated by male employees badly needs a change in leadership where women help desegregate the Valley.

Source: The Guardian

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