Eastern Europe Resembles Cold War Times

Over the next few years, the U.S., allied NATO, and EU members will conduct military exercises to ensure Eastern European countries that any Russian aggression will be met with force. The majority of American soldiers are inexperienced when it comes to the landscape, having fought for years in the sandy Middle East.

The largest exercise in Europe this year cost $40 million and included more than 1,000 troops and hundreds of vehicles, conducted by U.S. allied nations. Putin has planned more military exercises later this year to prove to the rest of Europe that while the nation’s economy has been in a slump, the Russian military is still a threat.

US Troops Presence.gif
Levels of U.S. troop presence abroad from 1950-2011 Source: The Economist.

Even though the current number of allied troops in Europe is 1/10th the number during the Cold War, Putin and Russia are not afraid to breach international protocol and annex Eastern European countries, as we saw in Crimea.

Source: NYT

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