USDA Staff Told to Avoid Using Term Climate Change

The Trump administration has told staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to refrain from using the term climate change and replace it with “weather extremes.” Other terms such as “reduce greenhouse gases” will be blacklisted in favor of “build soil organic matter, increase nutrient use efficiency.”

President Trump repeatedly denied the existence of climate change throughout his campaign and even called it a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. The U.S. will also pull out of the Paris climate agreement and has instructed the EPA to scrap regulations aimed at cutting greenhouse gases to increase the use of fossil fuels.

Climate Change Scientists Stats.jpg
Comparing the percentage of scientists who believe climate change is real to the American public. Source: Yale Climate Change Communication.

By not utilizing terms like climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, President Trump is giving a voice to those who don’t believe in global warming. He also allows his billionaire friends to frack and extract natural resources from American soil without proper legislation. Trump values making money over the well-being of the earth for the next generations.

Source: The Guardian

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