Has Trump Made the Economy Better? Nope.

Many news outlets have praised President Trump’s handling of the economy since taking office, citing the more than one million jobs that have been added to the workforce. However, the American economy under Trump is actually slightly worse off than under his predecessor Barack Obama.

Trump vs Obama Job Growth.png
Monthly change in number of people employed under Obama (blue) and Trump (red). Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On average, 181,000 jobs were added per month under Obama compared to Trump’s 179,000 per month, which indicates a better level of growth before Trump took office. Trump has also failed to implement many initiatives that he promised during the campaign trail such as cutting taxes or increasing infrastructure spending. So while Trump touts that he has turned the economy around, he was lucky to take over an economy that has been growing at a steady pace thanks to Obama’s response to the 2008 recession.

Source: Washington Post

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