Germany to Send Refugees to Greece

Germany will send fellow EU member, Greece, 392 asylum seekers using the EU’s Dublin Convention as an excuse. The Dublin Convention states that the first EU country a refugee arrives in, makes that nation responsible for their asylum claim.

However, since the economic recession in 2008, Greece has failed to recover financially still relying on bailouts from the IMF and EU (Germany). Greek migrant reception centers are also overcrowded along with a huge backlog in processing claims. It is unclear why Germany would send the one country that has taken in the highest number of refugees and is economically unstable, more refugees.

Greece GDP Growth.png
Greece’s GDP growth Source: World Bank.

The EU plans to move 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy to other parts of Europe, but the talks have been delayed due to opposition. The Dublin Convention was ratified at a time of peace and limited migration, which is why the EU needs to construct a new piece of legislation that can effectively address the current migration problem by establishing a quota system.

Source: BBC

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