Pence Seeking Koch Brothers Approval

Vice President Mike Pence will meet with the Koch brothers and fellow conservative donors in Richmond, Virginia this month in order to advance the president’s agenda. The Koch brothers (David and Charles) own an oil and refinery company called Koch Industries which is worth around $115 billion, and have spent this money to fund far-right conservatives who promote their anarchic ideology (less federal regulation and low business taxes.)

During the 2016 election, the Koch brothers and their network of groups spent between $720 million and $750 million, but withheld support for Trump due to his populist and protectionist rhetoric. Recently, the Koch brothers have been more willing to work with the Trump administration due to the administration’s plans to overhaul tax code and give a tax break to big businesses.

Pence has benefitted from a tight knit relationship with the Koch network and is asking for their help to ensure Trump’s tax plan and healthcare legislation passes. A deal between Pence and the Koch brothers is a toxic relationship for the American people because the Koch’s could withhold money for Republican incumbents if they fail to vote for the tax plan or healthcare bill.

Source: NYT

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