Police Chiefs Rehire Hundreds of Officers Fired for Misconduct

A new report by the Washington Post has revealed that 450 police officers who were fired from their posts for misconduct were rehired months or years after being fired after appeals by union contracts. Due to procedural mistakes or a lack of witness testimonies, fired police officers are able to find loopholes in the system that allows them to be rehired by police chiefs.

A policeman from Boston who was accused of lying, drunkenness and driving a suspected gunman from the scene of a nightclub was reinstated two years after his dismissal. Reinstating officers who committed previous crimes has a damaging effect on the police department’s reputation in the community according to former police commissioner of Philadelphia Charles Ramsey, “It causes a tremendous amount of anxiety in the public. Our credibility is shot whenever these things happen.”

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have both stated that they will not launch investigations into police departments for encroaching upon civil rights. Local communities and the media are in charge of keeping local police departments held accountable by pressuring them if there are signs of police brutality and discrimination.

Source: Washington Post

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