Russia Harks Back to Cold War Days

Russia is planning to send more than 100,000 troops to their western borders for a military exercise, which will be one of the largest military buildups undertaken by President Putin.

The exercise will take place near Belarus, which is NATO territory, and is seen as an act of aggression by the Russians after the U.S.’s latest decision to add more sanctions. The move is also an act by Putin to shore up Russia’ military prowess which has been tested in Syria, Crimea and multiple altercations with NATO forces. Gen. Tony Thomas said that the greatest threat this new Russia exercise poses is that “they’re not going to leave, and that’s not paranoia.”

Belarus is strategically located next to three critical NATO allies including Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. If Putin did decide to stay in Belarus, and Trump decides he wants to stand up to Russia, it could spell Cold War II.

Source: NYT

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