U.S. Police Chiefs Call out Trump for Endorsing Police Brutality

President Trump also seems to say the wrongs things to large swaths of people. Last Friday, Trump spoke in front of thousands of police officers and told them to “rough up” people who’ve been arrested.

Since the 1991 LA Police Department beating of Rodney King, departments across the nation have undertaken a trust-building relationship with their local communities. Executive Director of the Major Cities Chiefs Assocation, Darrel Stephens, said Trump’s comments were a step in the wrong direction for police departments. The police have worked hard to “restore the loss of confidence and trust that people, particularly in the African-American community, have in the police, based on what happened in Ferguson…,” said Stephens.

The only way a community can have a safe and secure environment is for their to be a level of trust between it’s citizens and the police.

Source: Washington Post

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