Philippine Mayor Killed by State Police

During a raid on his home in the city of Ozamiz, mayor Reynaldo Parojinog along with his wife and 10 other people were killed by state police on Saturday. The order was given by President Rodrigo Duterte who believed the mayor had ties to the illegal drug trade.

Since coming to power in July 2016, Duterte has killed over 7,000 people including 150 Philippine officials such as mayors, judges and police officers. Duterte’s crackdown on the drug trade made him popular in the eyes of the Filipinos but has been scrutinized by human rights groups who claim that Duterte has used the drug trade as an excuse to kill off his critics.

President Trump has called a man who has killed 7,000 of his own people without a trial his friend. In order to stop these unjust killings the international community needs to tell Duterte that the killings must stop or face sanctions.

Source: BBC and NYT

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