France to Set Up Hotspots in Libya

French President Emmanuel Macron plans to set up “hotspots” in Libya to process asylum seekers in order to stem the flow of migrants to Europe. Macron said the move would stop asylum seekers from “taking crazy risks” which have taken the lives of thousands trying to get to Europe from the failed state. The French leader also said that migrants were destabilizing Libya and contributed to people-smuggle, which in turn funded terrorism.

More than 110,000 migrants from northern Africa and the Middle East have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe this summer with around 2,300 drowning in the process, according to the U.N.

Macron’s “hotspot” plan is the first attempt by a European leader to reach out to an asylum seeker’s nation in order to control the flow of migrants into the continent, and will hopefully be a successful one.

Source: BBC

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