E.U. Court Ruling Reinforces Dublin Agreement

The E.U.’s top court has upheld the right of member states to deport asylum-seekers to the first E.U. country they enter. This ruling reinforces the Dublin Agreement which states that, the first country that a refugee steps in is responsible for the asylum of that refugee.

The Dublin Agreement has placed a heavy burden on countries like Italy, Croatia and Greece who are responsible for the well being of thousands of migrants arriving from Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The court ignored the advice of Eleanor Sharpston, its British advocate-general, who warned that the Dublin Agreement “was simply not designed to cover such exceptional circumstances.” Central European countries like Austria and Hungary will laud this ruling due to their isolationist stance and their willingness to deport refugees back to border states.

In order to solve the refugee crisis, the Dublin Agreement needs to be scrapped, and in its place a new agreement which balances the number of refugees in each nation based on the country’s natural resources and economic well-being. If a country refuses their quota, then that nation will have their voting rights restricted in the European Parliament.

Source: The Telegraph

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