Xi Jingping Oust Man Tipped as China’s Future President

Sun Zhengcai was ousted by his own party on Monday due to a “serious violation of discipline” according to the Communist party’s official mouthpiece. Sun was being groomed for one of the seven coveted spots on the politburo standing committee which features the top political elites in China, and was expected to be in contention for premier or in line to succeed Xi.

The decision to oust Sun was decided by none other than Xi Jingping himself, who simultaneously shredded the playbook governing how one-party China conducts political leadership successions. For two decades, China’s rulers had agreed to an unofficial succession system designed to prevent both the cut-throat destabilizing power struggles and the rise of strongman dictators who would cling to power until they died.

China is following in Turkey’s footsteps as a “democracy” turned into an authoritarian rule.

Source: The Guardian

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