Charlie Baker v.s. Democrats over Medicaid

Governor Charlie Baker has asked the Legislature to act within 60 days on a package of changes he’s proposed in the state’s Medicaid program, known as MassHealth. Democrats argue that the proposed changes have not been properly vetted and would hurt tens of thousands of low-income families. Around 1.9 million MA residents are covered by MassHealth, which accounts for 40% of the state’s $40 billion budget. Baker’s plan wants to force low-income people off MassHealth and into ConnectorCare or other commercial programs. This will force these families to pay more for their coverage while losing benefits such as dental care and start paying premiums. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez, a former state budget official, called out Baker’s hypocrisy, “This is a guy who claims to be against what Republicans in Washington are doing while he is doing the exact same thing at home.” Baker has demanded that legislators return the full Medicaid package with his proposed amendments to his desk within 60 days or expect spending cuts.

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